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Kristin Arilus

Business Consultant For Influencers

I help service-based entrepreneurs put real cash in the bank through an optimized sales process which includes sales funnels, product creation, automation.


As a result of working with the Monetized Mama Agency, within 90-days, clients have hit their first five-figure month, collected over $20,000+ in sales with their digital assets, and grew their email list by thousands.


The Wealth Collective

Are you a female entrepreneur who is ambitious, results focused, and ready to leverage automation so you can make money while you sleep?


If so, join us inside this exclusive Facebook group where we are creating a culture of women who are growing as a collective, focused on building wealth and expanding our ideals of abundance.


We are normalizing women openly having conversations around building profitable businesses, investing in our growth and building sustainable empires that can be passed down through generations. 


If you're down to be apart of this movement, you are welcome to apply to join us. 


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Private Client of Monetized Mama

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Looking for a little support in helping create, building and launching your digital products and service-based programs to your audience? Let our team help you get up in running in less than


The Monetized Mama Way

Here at Monetized Mama, we support you through the entire process of launching a new digital product, service, or event. Our consulting calls will help you go from a basic concept to the client's cart. 


We take the guesswork out of the content creation by providing you with templates and guided forms to fill out so that our team can enhance your copywriting so that your pages convert. 


If you need support with something that you do not see here, please feel free to send us a support ticket using the support desk which can be found below.

  • Brainstorm Concept

    We understand that you may not have everything figured out yet, therefore, at the beginning of your time with us, you will have a strategy session with Kristin where she will help you take your idea and map it out into a project for our team to complete. 

  • Sales Page Creation

    Sales pages play a crucial role and converting brand new visitors into customers.


    We want you to become apart of the 'sleep money' club and make passive income while you sleep.

  • Automated Email Campaigns

    Staying connected to your audience is important, therefore, we help you set up your email marketing to not only grow your audience but to also nurture and monetize it. 

  • CRM Integration

    We believe the backend of your business is just as important as the front end.


    Once someone says yes to working with you, you want them to stay confident in that decision. 


    Therefore, we help you set up your on-boarding process to position you as the professional that you are. 

  • Event Page Creation

    We design and develop the highest caliber events pages. Not only do we design original event pages to elevate the brand you’ve already built, we ensure that they are 100% mobile friendly.

  • Membership Site Creation

    You will be advised in building your curriculum, frameworks, and additional features and content you can add to create an exceptional user experience. 


    Everything will be done for you, then we will walk you through the process of uploading and managing your content to manage on our own after initial launch.

  • Funnel Creation

    After you have a product or service you’re ready to promote, our team will create functional and converting funnels to help you gather warm leads, that will turn into real clients.


    These funnels will not only be beautifully designed and developed to match your brand, they will also seamlessly integrate with your automated email sequence, calendar appointment setting, and social media profiles.

Client Feedback


Kristin literally helped me revamp the technical side of my business in less than an hour. She helped me hit my first $10,000+ month and my business is only 90-days old!

Debby White

The Virtual Mom Co

Kristin is professional, passionate, efficient, and crazy talented! She took all my scattered ideas and formed them into a razer sharp, focused product that is exactly was I envisioned.

Courtney Duncan

Swavy Curly Courtney

She is great! She is efficient! She has changed the operation of my business in less than 30 days!!!!

Toni L Brown

Creating Your Classroom

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